Tokyo Cafe

  • Project: Tokyo Cafe
    Location: Philippines
    Type: Cafe & Restaurant

    Tokyo Cafe is a casual, Japanese-inspired cafe that serves a unique and hearty array of western and Japanese dishes and desserts, a varied selection of specialty drinks, and premium Japanese drip coffee in a setting that is elegant yet relaxed, classic yet youthful. Gathering all the datas provided by the client and researched information, the plan is to trim out all of the unnecessary elements, bringing it down to its most simplest and down-right effective form, and creating a visual consistency in all of its formats. My Concept was to create an Identity for Tokyo Cafe based on the core intent for simplicity and elegance, keeping it very basic with soft, earth-toned colors, with a splash of pastel colors in contrast, and that of a hand-crafted, recycled texture feel of the materials to be used to back it up. The design should appeal to both modern cafe culture and a fine dining experience.

    Year: 2014                    Scope: Branding, Corporate Identity

  • Task: Design & Direction, Photography
    Client: iFoods Inc. Philippines

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