Artificio Conceal

    The space between the conscious and unconscious provokes individuation— Inside the gap between the known and unknown resides the prima materia for alchemical transformation. Archetypes of the trickster or thief can inspire chaos that leads to such change. The quintessential element of the thief or hacker fuels the narrative— One who steals time yet remains a part of us— A certain something that can never be stolen. Whether the protagonist appearing in a film, a dark force in a story; The space between chaos and order becomes fodder for growth.

    Ayoub Qanir’s story meshed with Patryk Hardziej's hypnotic paint-brush, has the feel of Chiaroscuro in art; Strong contrast between light and dark, pushing us to places of suspense and awe. Artificio Conceal contrasts man’s quest for identity and order against the darkness of shadow and disorder. James Hollis, a Jungian analyst and author writes, “Out of the tension of opposites, the new thing, the third is where gods and humans meet, where developmental healing occurs, and where meaning will still be found.” Perhaps, between chaos and order, man is confronted with the transcendent function of the psyche. Qanir suggests man must embrace chaos to survive and evolve. “Uncertainty, Mr. Wallace, is where God lives.” writes Qanir.

    The challenges we face between what we think we know and what we know that we don’t know create a psychological opportunity for organic expansion. Somewhere in-between is the key to the lapis philosophorum. Living between chaos and order is the Magnum Opus; The “Great work” that makes us the complex adaptive systems that we are today and are yet to become. 
    Words By Sylvia Kalicinski
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