Oliver Peoples — Annual Report 😎

  • Oliver Peoples—Annual Report
  • Oliver Peoples is placed among the most prestigious and culturally distinctive eyewear brands in the world. Based in West Hollywood, it has always maintained a classic yet innovative approach to eyewear.
    Oliver Peoples presents vintage-inspired frames. These frames are a significant departure from futuristic styles and geometric shapes. Oliver Peoples crafts rare shaped retro-frames, without sacrificing style. This booklet is a report of the Oliver Peoples journey thus far with trendy unique shapes while describing its own style with the title ‘Rare Shapes of Frames’.
    My design process began with inspiration from tortoise shell’s patterns and colors, similar to various styles incorporated into Oliver People’s frames. Elements of design include a tiny solid triangle which indicates the start of a story, while six little squares states the end of a topic.
    OLIVER PEOPLES—Rare shapes of frames
    "Never a trend, always in style"
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