TypeClinic, 9th international type design workshop 2014

  • We are
  • Chris Campe, (Germany), Altona

  • Clara Wildberger, (Austria) Kigeling
  • Damian Langosz, (Poland), Tilia

  • Ewa Kucharska, (Poland), Brootal
  • Franziska Weitgruber, (Italy / Austria), Sphera
  • Jan Janeček, (Czech Republic), Skvaer

  • Joe Leadbeater, (England), Madison
  • John Daniel Harrington, (Ireland), Ardagh
  • Katja Žerko, (Slovenia), Mucek
  • Kurt Glänzer, (Austria), Rosa Text
  • Mugur Mihai, (Romania), Alpska
  • Nikola Giacintova, (Czech Republic), Yield
  • Tamara Pilz, (Austria), Hildegard
  • Zdenka Giacintova, (Czech Republic), Johana
  • comentor Aljaž Vesel, (Slovenia), Emsley Numbers
  • mentor, organiser Tomato Košir, (Slovenia)
  • Salute to inktraps!
    photos by; Tomato Košir
  • A type family
    photo: Kurt Glänzer
  • Valley Trenta and its river Soča
    photo: Joe Leadbeater
  • TypeClinic's
    next international type design workshop
    will be organised 
    every winter and summer
    in Triglav national park,
    Trenta, Slovenia

  • Our workshops deal with bodytext and display typefaces for print and digital usage.
    Participants of all levels of expertise and of all ages come from all over the world: Austria, Australia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom ... ... to work for a week in Triglav National Park, Trenta Valley, Slovenia.
    Our location on Google Street View
    The final products includes typefaces with 40 characters minimum.
    If you are interested into participating at our winter workshop, please send an e-mail to
    The precise date will be known first on our Facebook group:
    Typeclinic on Facebook
    Join us in Trenta!