Barba Bird Identity

  • Barba_Bird
    The author created a distinctive image of the barber shop & the barber salon basing on a functional design that would easily be recognized and would be distinguished among other such brands in the world.
    Barba Bird is a young enterprise taking its first steps in the hairdressing business. It focuses on quality and solidity of its products. These offers and products are addressed to true, strong men who are not afraid to face up to the nature’s elements. The brand’s atmosphere follows the “Urban Lumberjack” style.
    Within his work the author created elements of branding identity:
    logotype variants, letterheads, envelopes, visiting cards, folders, patterns, identity book, hairdressing accessories.
    Copyrights © Dawid Cmok. All Rights Reserved. September 2014.
  • Inspiration / Process
  • Logotypes / Variants
    Typography / Berlin Sans FB
    Colours Palette / CMYK / RGB / Pantone
    Patterns / Variants
  • Shop Accessories
  • Salon & Shop Sign
  • Branding Identity / Elements
  • Posters
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