A Walker - Architecture Portfolio Print Brand

  • This is an exploration into an extension of my personal web/online portfolio branding scheme - A Walker.
    The corporate/print brand forms part of the larger design identity captured within my design
    and architecture portfolio. 
    An extension of colour palette is respected and maintained throughout.
    Considering that this is not intended to be recognised as a corporate ID, but merely a personal brand strategy, the formality of corporate identification is not required, rather, a personal journey in photography, architecture and design orchestrates the composition and language of the brand strategy.
  • On the lighter side...
    At times when inspiration is at an all-time low and the 'block' that hits designers when the least need it, but most expect it, there is a liqueur to cure and remove this 'block'. Inspirational No 1 Design Liqueur. 
    [Not commercially available. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18 nor over 18. Not even for sale to me. Drink responsibly. Therefor, don't drink this! It would however be nice if there were something like this, a design potion of sorts...]