GSH Conserves

  • GSH Conserves
    GSH Conserves is a small, local, independent company that aims to change the way people make everyday choices. Using the strong relations of food and the locals, they produce spreads of which the ingredients are locally or regionally sourced, in which they hope to reduce food mileage, instill a sense of pride for locally produced food and also for people to look more into where their food comes from.
    The rebrand is based on a modern interpretation of being handcrafted and down to earth. The identity revolves around the products, avoiding over-embellishments and being relatively straight-forward. The logo is derived from old shop signages and approval stamps, graphics and colours are inspired from the spreads. The branding also references relatable, nostalgic elements for hints of excitement and shun off from being too distant.
  • Straight-forward and no gimmicks, the packaging is designed in such a way that only the flavour is revealed on the front. The blue label uses the colour of the spreads as a distinctive backdrop. The other informations are briefly stated on the back of the label.
  • Posters play on the word Jams (Music, Crowd/Waves, Stuck/Loop), each representing the energy of a flavour.
  • A tasting kit consisting of 4 standard flavours was developed as jams is still relatively uncommon among the locals. Along with the unfamiliarity of using jams, the unique flavours make it so that people do not know what else can pair the jams with. Included in the kit are information of what each flavour can be paired with and also an nostalgic teller game which helps to pick a relevant pairing under light, heavy, fun or healthy.