Lettering & Logotype Vol.2

  • Lettering & Logotype Vol.2 
    Crafted with love, shown with Pride.

    What took root only as a side passion has manifest very quickly over the few years. Done work for: 500px, Orangina and Marvel to name a few. My work has noticeable mentions from the likes of: Illustrator, Adobe, Moo.com and Creative Market, featured at: Brandnew Underconsideration, Logodesignlove and Abduzeedo, published in the first Goodtype Book and Logo Lounge 9. In this series I am happy to show the variety of latest works from start-ups to established brands and sketch to final result. 

    Currently accepting new projects, so please get in touch via info@paulvonexcite.com if you are interested in working together.

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