• Purpose: School assignment
    School: Seneca College
    Program: Graphic Design 
    Group Members: Karol Dybalski, XianJun Zhao, Jeff Mandel, Erwin Ladores
    The purpose of this 2nd year project was to either redesign an already existing product or create one entirely from scratch. This included creating a logo, packaging, branding, and marketing material. Most importantly, the product needed to be as sustainable as possible. With that in mind, our group decided to take the route of creating a new product.
    We currently suffer from a disconnection with the world due to technology. We own multiple smart devices and social media accounts that pull us away from reality, cause us distractions, and overload our minds with information. These problems can cause creative block.
    This is where Insplôr comes in. We believe it is important to take a break from the digital world. The natural world is beautiful and deserves to be explored. So, we have developed a sustainable toolkit that promotes going out into the environment and getting away from the digital world.This frees the mind of distractions and allows clear thinking, resulting in the generation of creative ideas and the elimination of creative block.The toolkit consits of a notebook, a deck of cards, and pencils. The deck of cards, aka Insplôration Cards, have different tasks on them that need to be completed in the corresponding environment. For example, "Find a footprint and draw what you think created it" or "Grab coffee from somewhere you haven't before."  Your findings can then be illustrated or documented using the notebook and pencils provided.

    * Winner of a 2014 Applied Arts Student Award