Belly Itcher T-Shirt Lettering

  • Belly Itcher T-shirt Lettering
    Classic baseball trashtalking never looked so good
  • It's always fun when you work on a project that recalls a great childhood memory. When "Belly Itcher Team Sport Supply" approached Maple & Belmont with a lettering project, I got to relive my days of yelling trash-talk from a little league dugout.
    Channeling the lettering aesthetic found in early Cooperstown baseball culture, this project when through several iterations before finding it's final playful form. The client was so happy with how the logo design looked, they commissioned the entire classic phrase,"We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher" to add something extra to their shirts.
  • The final layout of the shirt featured the phrase on the front with the Belly Itcher brand appearing on the back. Below you can see some details from the final drafts of inked pieces that were scanned into Photoshop for cleaning up, adding some dirt back in, and final assembly.