Transart Festival 2014
    Transart is a contemporary culture festival that offers to a curious and open audience music projects and contemporary art at atypical sites. Within the 20 days of the festival a huge number of artists of any kind are performing in different locations around Trentino.
    For the 2014 edition we developed a bold and powerful visual identity focusing on the artists and trying to create an ecosystem with an innovative and dynamic visual language. The festival has a dual nature, analogic and digital so we worked with a tool that connects this two worlds: the scanner.
    The process we used consisted in 4 phases: (1) Printing the names of the artists and their pictures; (2) Scanning them generating inconsistent distortions; (3) Vectorializing the typography; (4) Re-composing with this new distorted material. Different variations of the visuals were used trought the media and the applications.