To Russia with Love

  • The 2014 Winter Olympics was marked by several major controversies, including concerns for the safety of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) athletes and spectators due to the effects of recently passed legislation. The new law prohibiting "gay propaganda" was deemed a violation of human rights by Amnesty International.
    In a joint effort we developed this campaign to create awareness and show our support for the LGBT-community in Russia.
    Check it out here:
  • Each supporter places a small spot of color on a map of russia. Eventually the entire map was covered in the rainbow flag used by the LGBT-movement worldwide.
  • Submission animation marking your spot on the map.
  • The campaign was fairly popular and spiked in popularity after just a few days when it went viral on Tumblr. In just a week we had about half a million pageviews.
  • Although the campaign was made in Norway we quickly got the attention of the international community. The following graph shows the most frequent nationalities. In total citizens from 184 different countries signed up.
  • Most of the support came from women, who accounted for some 73% of the supporters. The following graph shows gender distribution.
  • In total we generated 28 381 facebook shares, 33 578 likes and 4 984 comments. We also registered 7855 tweets and 82 668 notes on Tumblr. Some of them are pictured below.
  • Thanks for reading!