afterglow – Frankie Knuckles

  • Frankie Knuckles (1955 – 2014)
    Since Frankie Knuckles passed away unexpectedly March 31st (due to diabetes related health issues), the one word repeatedly used to describe him has been “angel.” In Chicago, those closest to Knuckles, both professionally and personally, have all spoken of his generosity as an artist and as a friend.
    Few figures in contemporary music have influenced their respective fields the way Frankie Knuckles has revolutionized dance music. The title “the Godfather of House music” pretty much says it all.
    afterglow is a magazine that focuses on portraying the life achievements of influential artists who have recently passed away. Every issue portrays a different artist. The first issue takes the viewer on a chronological journey through Frankie Knuckles life as an artist. The three chapters aim to visualise the music and the spirit of the time period that they portrait:
    Chapter 1  The 70s (The early Dj days in New York)
    Chapter 2  The 80s (The birth of Chicago House )
    Chapter 3  The 90s (Returning to New York)
    Frankie Knuckles issue of afterglow comes with a CD (linking specific songs to chapters) and with a limited edition screen printed poster.