Have you ever wondered how a musical, an opera or a theatre play is produced? How many people are involved in a successful production? How many steps it takes until the premiere?
    The project "Behind the scenes" aims at creating holistic, interdisciplinary and cross-media teaching material for secondary shools, so children can acquire a deeper understanding of the work around a theatre production.
  • Teaching material includes:
    DVD/Blu-ray disc with engaging interviews and well-founded video documentation of a theatre production [documentation]
    Infographic poster [200x100 cm] explaining every single step that has to be taken to produce a play as well as all the correlations in a simplified, visual way. Via QR-codes the video interviews and documentation are made accessible [.pdf]
    Teaching manual for the production of a school play [.pdf]
    An app for smartphones to explore the infographic poster in a digital way [iOS App or Android App]