Paper Childhood

  • The plots of illustrations is gleaned from the childhood.They reflect the children's representation of incomprehensible phraseologisms and sayings. Unable to understand the figurative meaning of the phrase children play it  in their own way.
  • Сircus On The Wire - it is ukrainian expression that means some kind of funny, absurd situation.
  • Rubber Elephant - it's a person who drinks a lot
    One more expression "To make a mountain out of molehill" and its Ukrainian equivalent "To make an elephant out of fly"
  • Children's understanding of thunderstorm
  • Indian Summer  -  if translate it from Ukrainian language word for word, would sound like  "Grandmother's summer"
  • There is no Tooth Fairy in Ukraine. Іnstead we have Tooth Mouse that lives in the attic room 
  • In Ukraine we say "Diploma is on the nose" when it is a few days before completing an academic degree