Flythegap logotype & identity

    Flythegap is an online platform focused on social collaboration and innovation driven by people and non profit organizations. It consists in an online place where innovative ideas meet the right resources to produce social change. Every idea needs different supplies to start, like people, places, tools and, of course, money. Founded in 2013 now Flythegap is evolving working closely with organizations like RSA, Ebbf, Adora Foundation and many more.
    Our design process started by taking inspiration from the gesture of connecting two extremities, and from the spiral toy that moves doing arches. Then we recognize this shape in bridges and in the flight path of the things trowed forward. We loved that simplicity, the connection with the name and the fact that a logo could be identified in the gesture that represents the name. This way, we turned the very simple gesture into a metaphor for social change and innovation.
    Custom Logotype and identity for Flythegap
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