• In its fourteenth edition, OFFF Festival represents another pleasurable experience for its audience. But then again, what is OFFF? The perfect place to taste the inside scoop of talented people from all around the world? An awesome line up of speakers leaving you hungry for more? Or is it some kind of festival that makes you come every year? Find out about that in Barcelona on May 15-16-17, because it will just turn you on.
    A Teaser by Lorem Ipsum / Atelier
    Directed by: Alessandro Novelli
    Produced by: Aimée Duchamp & Héctor Ayuso
    DOP: Laura Sans
    Music & Sound Design: Simon Smith BCN_Sound
    First Assistant Camera: Alejandra Rodríguez & Ivan Obara Ulrich
    Second Assistant Camera: Angela Bardakjian, Nandini Barnes, Tarini Dii & Karno Guhathakurta
    Compositing & Animation: Rafael Mayani, Mar Gascón & Joao Brás Lucas
    Art Direction: Angela Bardakjian, Nandini Barnes, Liliana Diaz & Rafael Mayani
    Script: Tarini Dii, Karno Guhathakurta, Joao Brás Lucas & Ivan Obara Ulrich
    Illustration & Story Board: Rafael Mayani & Liliana Diaz
    Producer Assistant: Natalie Melville & Enric Isern
    Voice Over: Zakir Maqsood
    Characters: Alejandro and Juan aka Brosmind
    Lorem Ipsum: Alejandra Rodríguez, Angela Bardakjian, Ivan Obara Ulrich, Joao Bras Lucas, Karno Guhathakurta, Liliana Diaz, Mar Gascón, Nandini Barnes, Rafael Mayani, Tarini Dii.
    Atelier's Director: Aimée Duchamp