DonGO Modular motorcycle BA Degree project

  • DonGo modular motorcycle (electric version):
    Most of the motorcycle companies try to construct their products to be convertible with minimal changes and useful for different purpose, or buildable with bigger engine.
    In general, this needs the whole undercarriage adjustment, because a change like this can effect the size of the wheels, the seat height and the weight distribution (example: the classic type of the motor scooters). These types of modification at the DonGo modular motorcycle is easily feaseble, the vehicle can be offered with different options. This makes it more cost-effective. I left possibilities for the home assembly at the kit version.
    Since there is no written rule for the companies about where the sprouting is placed on the motor block by the factory, it could occur the needs of the radical alteration, like change of the a rear swingarm & the front and rear hub, if we choose the right sided propulsion.
    The frame design is suitable for building 3-4 wheeled constructions, because it is based on two elements. The first is the fuel tank, which include the connection of the rear swingarm and engine bracket mount. The second part is a complex sheet metal part. This is the connection point of the shock absorber. With replacing this part we can install bigger or dual shock absorber system and if we would like to, we can install passenger seat or carry box onto the vehicle.
    The tank is always placed on the top. It's important, because at the traditional internal combustion engine edition the ac pump is not neccessary (unless if the block is fuel injected).
    functional aesthetics:
    Designers commonly use natural shapes and forms, within the most popular theme, the insect world. It might be formed because the majority of insects and bugs moves very lightly in the air, on the ground and in the water as well and that is why if something looks like a dragonfly or stag-beetle, we tend to believe it has their special vitrues.
    I – turning my back on this precept – tried to build from the shapes which reflect perfectly the aesthetic of the complex thinking, like the clocks, steam engines and their internal structures. This thoughtful and clear unit makes the mechanical clockworks beautiful. I made an effort for putting the same deliberate aesthetic into my motorcycle.
    design considerations:
    It is available and affordable for everyone besides the vehicle has modern technical content. According to my notion the basic model is a four-cycle fuel injected or CV curbureted, 50 ccm disc brakes model, without any extras, for example the ABS, the traction control or other extras which makes the product more expensive. However, the prototype is with a number of other extras. The drive is based on 16 horse power brushless electric engine, which can reach maximum 90 km/h.
    The Li-Po battery ensures 70km range and it's enought for the daily travel or a short trip between the cities. The front and the rear 220 mm discbrakes provides the safety stop in every conditions. The increase of the wheelbase provides the stabily and safetiness. I would like the lithium batteries to be useful for long time, so it got solar paint coating, which always protects the battery pack from the absolute discharging and there is always power for any emergency. At the breaking the engine can charge the batteries.
    The vehicle works perfectly in every different conditions, for example in bad weather, roads or agressive cleaning, like high pressure washer. The drive train is protected from water and physical interactions by fiber-reinforced composite shells and it also works as flow-deflector. The full drive train – including the engine controll unit and the transmission – is forced air cooled, so it's always standby, the proffessional skills are not needed.
    My design do not require any type of ignition key, because with Bluetooth or WIFI connection the vehicle connects automatically to the driver's smart phone when the owner is around. In this case, with the help of the pre-selected pin code we can activate the ignition. From that moment, on the display we have the access to the GPS, the exact date & time, the entire contents of the phone and the most important, we get information about the availability of energy at the current driving style and conditions. This system is similar to the "Smart Watch" or "Watch Live" systems, that are already on the market for years and considered as stable, mature technology.