Pebble Pot Family

  • Pebble Pot Family, 2014

    The Pebble Pot Family is a line of ceramic artifacts, designed to meet the requirements of both indoor and outdoor pots. Ideal objects for plant lovers who are looking for decorative items for their space and practical pots for small plants.
    This project is inspired by the pebbles found on the beaches of Greece and began when through observing people I realized the positive effect that pebbles have on them, in a subconscious way.
    Because of their organic forms, sculptural qualities and their smooth porous surface, pebbles are things people usually like to touch, hold in their hands and many times carry them home, as specialsouvenirs that remind them of a vacation or a trip in nature. 
    Pebble pots aspire in a way to carry indoors the organic sense and tactility of the pebbles and recreate the same positive feelings awaken by the magical simplicity of their forms. Goal of this project is to bring this pleasant feeling into peoples houses and at the same time to create useful and aesthetically pleasant objects for the household or garden.
    The characteristic surface and form of pebbles in nature is the result of an everlasting process of polishing through the friction with water and other rocks. The structure and design of the Pebble Pots presented here, intend to reproduce the sense of the harmonic co-existing of the natural pebbles and the microorganisms that grow on them, while sculpting their surfaces.
    Every pot is composed of two parts: the lower part forms a space which receives the soil and the plants. The top parts have holes for the plants to fit in and they also form a lid, which can be removed by the user in order to check the internal space and soil.
    The material they are made of is a special Ceramic Stoneware, that contains a rough Chamotte, since the goal was to resemble the porous texture of the pebbles found in nature as much as possible.