• Westerdals - Identity System
    Westerdals is Norway's most comprehensive institution for creative education. The 65 year old school has produced a tremendous number of artists, designers, strategic thinkers and makers. The new visual identity is intended to bring a new voice to the table and reflect the highly connected and highly collaborative institution Westerdals represents. Inspired by both the creative environment and transformational architecture, the identity challenges dynamics and flexibility and tries to reveal the extraordinary creative energy at Westerdals. Just as creative disciplines, the identity is constantly changing which allows it to be alive and cultivated for many years in the future. 
  • Interactive logo for alumni, students and employees
    Alumni, students and employees are welcome to develop the identity, by approach the logo with their passionate creative capabilities.Its the idea of an empty space, reflecting what a creative institution would be, without their students. A dynamic and modular logo system, where each year, graduating students will be invited to design a logo within the basic framework providing a living library of fresh logos. As creative disciplines grows and matures, Westerdals grows and matures with it, reflecting the ideas and aesthetics of each student.  
  • Approaches to the interactive logo created by alumni, students and employees.
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