ERS // Energy Recovery Lamp


    Designed with the intention of being an affordable table light, The Energy Recovery Lamp is capable of collecting excess UV light rays emitted from its Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) to power a separate group of Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) located in its base. 

    The secondary set of LED’s only function when the Solar Panel in the devices lid (used to collect UV rays from the CFL) detects that there is no light present. This allows the device to act as a wireless light source when electricity is not available in rural areas.

  • Initial Material Testing
  • Sketch Development
  • Final Design Decision
  • 1:5 Scale Drawing (A3 Document)
  • 1: 5 Scale Model

  • The interpretation of efficiency went beyond electrical efficiency

    Extremely cost effective materials were chosen to make the device cheap to purchase and easy to maintain. The shade consists of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) The inner Shade / Mesh, which acts as a heat sink and a light diffuser, consists of Gridded Paper. The base consists of sectioned Plywood, which offers enough space to house a battery and switch assembly.