C Says Hello!

  • creation. NY - Brand Identity & Corporate Design
    Environmentally Friendly Design
  • About The Project:
    C Says Hello! is a CD project of the company creation. NY. A graphic design/mediadesign company based in Brooklyn, New York. The main inspiration for creation. NY are environmentally friendly behavior and minimalistic design. I wanted the identity to communicated strong quality and high creativity.
    Logo & Color Concept:
    I designed the logo simple, quiet and minimalistic to make it work relaxed and trusting. The underscore gives the logo hold and dynamic. I chose two different colors. Pantone Neutral Black to give a high contrast. In addition, Black guarantees good legibility and gives the logo luxurious. For office equipment, this color is also very important. Yellow seems vivid and wide. It also conveys the strong environmental awareness of C.
    I have invested a lot of time and effort into this project and I am now more proud to be able to present it to you. I hope you enjoy it and I'm grateful for appreciation and feedback.