Montblanc - Logo Concept

  • "Rebrand A Logo From A Existing Company."
    This is a school project in which we were asked to redesign a logo from a existing company.
    As part of the topic "corporate identity" and "corporate design", we received this task about a week ago. I decided to take the brand montblanc. This is a very luxurious brand with an great logo concept.
    Hope you'll enjoy it.
  • Redesigned Logo:
    I created two designs.
    First draft among themselves.
    Second draft is next to each other.
    I chose a clear and thinner typeface.
    Because I had no budget I had to choose a free font.
    Remember that "good design does not need a budget", is a lie.
  • Redesigned Logo In Use:
  • Image rights by montblanc
    Redesigned Logo In Stationary and Advertising:
  • Image rights by montblanc