• Cura is a mobile application designed for diabetes management. Smartphones are an ever increasing part of daily life. In the case of more recent generations, it is unlikely for their phones to not be within arms reach at any given time. Given this trend, it is important to utilise technology as a tool to improve healthcare.
    Cura aims to create a model for a system in which there is a more involved role for technology in healthcare. By creating a digital network between patients, healthcare providers and technology, this develops and open line of communication between patient and doctor. Larger number of diabetic patients means that resources and doctors will be stretched thin. By using Cura, the amount of time doctors have to spend with each individual patient is reduced, and therefore less critical resources.
    Cura is designed to encourage patients to take control of their own health and become pro-active. It offers several functions to make living with diabetes easier. Cura helps to integrate dealing with diabetes into everyday life easier by utilising the available technology and allowing doctors to monitor patient progress digitally without requiring frequent and expensive doctor visits.