AIGA Portfolio 1-on-1

  • AIGA Minnesota came to Duffy & Partners to design for the 2013 Portfolio 1-on-1 event, and event that works to introduce students to the interview process and to give them critical feedback on their portfolios before entering the professional world. The theme for the year was Iron Sharpening Iron, meaning you have to have grit to excel in the design field.
    My concept behind the imagery was to show the physical strength, dedication and craft that designers need to show when they start the job search. The style was loosely inspired by Bauhaus and constructivist design work. The poster was originally designed to be screen printed but was only produced by digital print because of production costs. Booklets, name tags, lanyards, and other collateral were also produced off the brand language of the poster. 
  • The official poster for AIGA Portfolio 1-on-1 2013.
  • The P1-on-1 booklet, filled with interviews with design shops around the Twin Cities area.
  • P1-on-1 lanyard and name tag.