Zhui Yuan 追遠 Ancestor Veneration Branding

  • In a bid to revive a fading tradition that is the Qing Ming Festival, I produced a fictional campaign that encourage generations in the future to participate in ancestor veneration annually during Qing Ming. Developed a logo and established a customized look and feel for its collaterals.

    Collaterals consist of an Ancestor Veneration tablet, designed in A4 format for portability, for a target audience that are travellers and also, an Ancestor Veneration Guidebook to teach them how to use both the tablet and the steps and significance of every detail.
  • Logo was conceived with the idea of representing remembrance visually. The Chinese name of the campaign is called 追遠. Meaning remembrance for your elders and not forgetting your own roots. The immediate vision of candles/incense came to my mind for that.

    The use of the graphic lines of the smoke that billows out of candles/incense gives a quiet sense of remembrance, and was implemented onto the customized mandarin type logo. There's also a positive/negative space play of the logo.
  • Graphical elements grows into a motif
  • Ancestor Veneration tablet can be opened up into 2 separate plates
  • Specific slots for placement of different offerings
  • Customized and carved with the names of the ancestors, this creates a sense of belonging with the individual itself whenever they read out the names
  • Guidebook for Ancestor Veneration with its cover being in the similar shade of colour as the material used for the tablet and stamp.
  • Using simple line art and Garamond typeface, the look and feel of the booklet attempts to stay as neutral and objective as possible.