Branding Kota Tua

    Kota Tua branding is representing the old Batavia City. the basis was to make people feel the old and historical experience when they hear Kota Tua or come to Kota Tua. To attarct people to come and see by their own eye and learn about the history of Kota Tua.
    Kota Tua inspired by the history of the place. Kota Tua used to be a place for trading and an importan place for trader to come. Kota Tua also a central of the holland gouverment in Indonesia. This place was know all over the world back then. But know it just abandon and some of them have been a museum.People seems to be forgeting about the place. Our hope, Kota Tua can be a place for people to come with their friends and familly to have vacation or study about the history of Kota Tua by come to the museum and historycal places in Kota Tua.
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