DIY QSL Card Kit

  • This project is an exploration DIY nature of QSL cards. QSL card is
    an essential part of Amateur radio. Radio amateurs exchange their cards by mail after the radio communication between them took place. 
    Most operators design their own cards, making them quite personal. This is how I got the idea of creating a DIY QSL Card Kit.

    DIY QSL Card Kit is a set of stamps with letterforms and pictograms. The kit functions as a small letterpress—each stamp has a magnet on the back, so it could be place anywhere on the special steel plate with
    a wooden handle, which is about the size of a QSL card. 
    The modules move around the plate easily, and the stamp can be re-assembled in 5 minutes. This gives the owner an opportunity to create
    a different QSL Card each time. Using different paper stocks, like photographs or newspapers can make the card even more playful.