The Worship Project - 365 Type + Lettering Posters

  • The Worship Project was birthed within me just over a year ago during Easter 2013, when I wanted to tangibly fuse my love of worship music and my passion for graphic design + photography. I had done nothing with this "God dream" for a long time, but a few years back an amazing visual worship leader came to our church (Stephen Proctor) and showed me that Worship Leadership can be visual as well as through song. I was inspired to bring my "worship leader" dream to life in the form of “The Worship Project”.
    The main idea behind this project is similar to the “365 projects” that many people are doing the world over.
    Each day for 1 year I designed a visual art poster inspired by and using the lyrics (or title) of a worship song that has been dear to my faith walk and spiritual journey over my lifetime.