[ISTD award winner 2014] Winged Migration

  • Winged Migration
    - The story of migratory birds -
  • This project is a response to ISTD brief ‘Everything About One Thing’.
    This publication tells the story of the power of magnetism and the effects it has on the movement patterns of migratory birds. 
    This story is told through a precise and expressive use of typography. The large format  and lightweight newsprint was chosen to echo a bird flapping its wings as the pages are turned. A dynamic layout where individual sections occasionally cross over onto adjoining pages reflects the wide ranging movement of birds, and hints at the invisible power that guides them across continents. While the body text tells one continuous story, many scientific footnotes punctuate the narrative, giving more detailed information and offering a micro/macro reading/viewing experience.
    This work received a merit grade and earned ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) membership.
  • The Earth itself operates as a large magnet and many animals and birds use this natural phenomenon as guidance in journeys of incredible distance and scope. Migratory birds fly to faraway places guided by this invisible power. Often the movement of these birds directly mirrors the movements, the attraction and repulsion of iron filings; another more commonly associated magnetic force.