Pilly, JosephJoseph.

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    Pilly, JosephJoseph

  • Pilly is composed of different plastic pieces. The main pieces are the two body in which the salt and the pepper are stocked. These part are realised by injection molding in polypropylene. The brand is Two tops within the body are realised by lasercutting on a sheet of polypropylene. They prevent the contact between salt or pepper with the cap and they reduce the flux. The last pieces and the most important are the two caps realised by the qame way of the body. A magnet insert was though to allow the salt and the pepper part to be assembly.
  • Credits : 
    Pilly project, 2015.
    Prototype : Aurelien Gravelotte.
    3D Model : Aurelien Gravelotte.
    Photographer : Aurelien Gravelotte.
    Note: This is only a concept and an individual project. This product is not connected to JosephJoseph.