• Nidar Melkesjolade

    SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT, BRIEF: Create long-term concept to Nidar Melkesjokolade (Norwegian Chocolate) that would reach everyone from the age of sixteen to sixty.
    CONCEPT: Norwegians keep their traditions close to their heart. They are proud of their nation, the flag, the spectacular nature and the long history. These are values and emotions I want to use in this design, to connect with the consumer. The pattern is inspired by a sweater called “Mariusgenseren” and the colours in the Norwegian flag. For decades mums and grandmothers have been knitting this sweaters to their kids, husbands and families. The sweater and the pattern is a trend that never gets old. So by partnering up with the "Mariussweater" pattern, we would create a chocolate that will get a natural place in all the Norwegians heart. They will proudly be able to share the chocolate to tourists who can carry this delicious souvenir from Norway home.

    VALENTINE CHOCLATE: Nidars Valentine chocolate edition is made to be shared or given as a gift to someone either a boyfriend, spouse, partner, parent, grandparent or a friend. The idea behind the concept is to create a more personal connection between costumer and product, but also to get more attention around the brand. On the packaging there is a white paper field, one can write a personal message on. This concept is only one of many possibilities Nidar could use on campaigns. The patterns colours can be changed and new campaigns could be made without loosing its identity