Disney: A Feminist Approach

  • What is this?
    This project was created entirely as a non commercial, non profit venture to explore the concept of a feminist take on the Disney Princess. A little twist here, a little word there, and a change in character behaviour, whilst keeping the true essence of the character. Their underlying strengths are brought forward, their flaws too to show them as entirely relatable and entirely human. Here is a series of strong, independent women that may or may not have a Prince, but their true happily ever after is dictated by a sense of maturity and independence in handling their situation, thus proving that men and woman are equals. And a woman doesn't always have to be the distressed damsel. Sometimes, she can be the dragon.
    The Book
    Created for the daughter I will one day have, the book is a personal project where I have put together illustration and penned stories that I would like her to take insight, independence and truth from, as opposed to a happily ever after and a Prince Charming. She can be her own Prince Charming.
    The Prints
    For the bedroom of any little girl, with a little reminder speaking about the story. The idea was to explore the way it would look in a gallery, as well as a bedroom.
    The Website
    This is a mock up for an interactive website, which would reach out to little girls and parents who would like to encourage their daughter's feminist sides. Though it is only an idea, the stories are based off the modern, independent woman in flux with Disney characters.