Microbus Project

  •                                                 This is a tribute to the chaos maker
                                                              the number one means of time blowing and saving
                                                                            the one and only : The Microbus

                                          Either you arrive in one piece, or none at all.


  • "The Cutie eats Fuel"
    Slang commonly said by microbus drivers in Egypt

  • At the Bus stop, you can see all sort of Society types.

  • "Up to something or are you going home?"
    It's more of a flirt line that actually FAILS to deliever any flirtation,
    commonly used by teenagers and drivers
  • Arabic Typography

    "Envy struck me and the lord saved me"
    Slang used as a sticker on bus windows
  • Line art Style.
    Your daily box of transportation: Enjoy the ride.
  • Doodle Style
    The morning monster and the early people.