Edition 14.8 - Graduation Books

  • Every year, 6 courses from Singapore Polytechnic's School of Design and Architecture & the Built Environment come together for a showcase of their best works. 

    Edition 14.8 is reflected on the 6 book covers, coming together to form the numbers in the logo '14.8'. The die-cut 'dots' of the logo invite readers to take a peek into the book and immerse themselves in the works. Its UV coating help people visualise the numbers of the logo. The 6 graduation books represent and feature works of students from the different courses. 

    Soh Fangyu Charmaine

    Design Team
    Ang Wei Li
    Chew Zhi Jian Nathan 
    Hadi Muhsin
    Koh Wei Ting Victoria 
    Lee Pei Ying
    Tay Qi Yin
    Yeo Zhizheng Victor