Animate & Create | Canterbury Anifest '12 Design

    Commission Based Project
  • Brief To design promotional artwork, signage & event programmes for 'Canterbury Anifest 2012', South-East's only annual animation festival hosted by Animate & Create.

    Creative Requirement —  To adopt the client's 'workshop' aesthetic by combining elements associated with hand-crafted scrapbooks, as well as rural outdoor themes to reflect the festivals nature; taking animation out of the studio and to the community. To translate event details into visual compositions for print & web distribution, ranging from programme design to signage, roller banners, lanyards, questionnaires, award certificates and newsletters. 

    Creative Solution —  Combining playful, hand-crafted designs with elements inspired by rustic imagery, heavily guided the overall concept into a 'barnyard environment' aesthetic, reflecting community and contribution. Decorating wooden backdrops with poster style polaroids, in a notice board fashion alongside other various elements (planks, nails, crates, packaging, masking tape, bunting) aided in uniting the styles together. Translating all event details via this 'workshop' aesthetic supports the charming, family-friendly experience the clients event welcomes the community to become a part of.

  • Canterbury Anifest is a great community event that invites people of all ages to come and experience the magic of animation; allowing them to get involved with something out of the ordinary. Run by people who love animation and want to share that passion with as many people as possible, its range of workshops, young people awards and family-friendly events has something for everyone. Anifest also caters for specialists and those in the industry, featuring national and international awards, and guest speakers from some of the biggest names in animation.

    Whether you are a budding filmmaker, an industry expert or are just looking for a day out, Anifest welcomes you with open arms to join the fun and share the excitement of a sneaky peek behind the scenes of animated films. For more information on the event, and the studio behind it, you can find the official website here
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