To My Future Self (D&AD New Blood)

    To My Future Self
    D&AD - New Blood Submission ('Make Your Mark' Brief)
    The Brief
    Share your own personal story. Explain who you are, your values, your identity, your purpose… your truth. This is telling, not selling. Know who you are. Communicate it.
    The Project
    To My Future Self, a collection of hand bound booklets, narrates three defining aspects of my life that together establish me as an individual - design, travel and my outlook on life. The content is a compilation of excerpts and quotes from personal journal entries, life lessons, tweets, goal lists, bucket lists and other personal pieces I’ve documented over my life. The photography illustrating the covers and spreads reveal a spectrum of imagery painting my early childhood up to my recent travel experiences. The publication hopes to invite readers to openly explore my story, my values and the development of me as an individual and as a creative.
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    The Book Case
    The publication is bundled in a hand sewn velum pouch - opaque in finishing, it reflects my intentions in communicating my story with transparency. Timidly labeled in a simplistic typographic delivery, it displays the reserved character of my introspective personality.
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    The Covers 
    Each booklet borrows the title of an archived journal entry speaking on a relating topic, whether that topic is about design, travel or life. Together the publication takes form of a mish mashed collage of self instilled wisdom and advice, life lessons learned, timelines, goal and bucket lists, future thinking, reflections and tweets.

    The overall objective is to present myself as a whole, truthfully, unfiltered and authentically. Not just revealing the creative aspects of my life, but my travel experiences and outlook on life as well as these significantly influence and reflect back into my creative principles.

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    The Approach
    All the content within is inspired by topics and writing gathered directly from my daily journal. Self reflection is a significant part of my life as I like to note down my progress, experiences, goals and learnings. Therefore the booklets present themselves as a point of reference to my current design interests, experiences and outlook on life. 
    As personal journal excerpts, much of the content is focused on motivational statements I live by. In this sense the established tone of voice is an unfiltered one, boldly directed to myself. I hope readers are able to put themselves in the shoes of being spoken to and take away some of my life learnings. As much as the publication is a collection about myself, it hopes to deliver something that can be applied to anyones life.
    Book 1
  • Be Comfortable With the Idea of Being Uncomfortable.
    "To grow as an individual, often times it means consistently putting yourself in situations that are outside of your comfort zone and security blanket. In order to grow, learn, progress and develop, you need to be prepared to experience discomfort temporarily in order to permanently overcome your anxieties and ultimately reach your goals."
  • Don't Envy, Aspire.
    "Envying excellence will get you nowhere. Aspiring to excel will get you to approach obstacles as challenges and competition as mentors. Those who choose to view greatness as an inspiration rather than a discouragement will be the ones who will be more successful. These are the ones who choose to want to compete, find out how successful people do it and apply their findings into their own lives. Be someone who aspires to excellence rather than someone who is put off by it."
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    Book 2
  • Invest in Your Personal Projects. You'll Attract Work You'll Enjoy Doing.
    "Invest in yourself, invest in your interests and your passion by persistently developing your personal projects. When you do what you love, you do it with intent and with passion. Build a portfolio of passionate work that will attract client work you’ll enjoy doing and collaborations you’ll enjoy being a part of. Do what you love, love what you do. Everything else will fall into place."
  • Don't Let Success Halt Your Chase for Exellence.
    "What do you do when you’ve reached your goal and chased down excellence? You keep moving. Success is not the end of your journey. You are the paver to your road in life; set yourself another destination and start paving a new route. The idea is to keep moving and to never stop at a standstill. Keep challenging yourself to unexplored lands, to crossroads and to face bumps along the way."
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    Book 3
  • Starting From Scratch is Easier Done Than Said.
    "The easiest part is booking that flight, packing your bags and setting off. The difficult part is letting your mind accept the absurdity of that idea. Sometimes we lavish ourselves in terrifying ‘what-ifs’ and pour our energy into sleepless nights and restless days over-analyzing every trivial detail involved in making that move. Until the allure of moving abroad has been so exhausted and tired that it no longer appeals as a rational decision.
    Don’t over think it. Just do it. You will persist, you will endure, you will make it work wherever it is you decide to go. But you can’t do it without taking that initial step in seizing the opportunity and making the move. "
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    The Process
    Having developed a large interest in hands-on, tactile mediums from a young age, I wanted to instill my passion for print design, bookbinding and paper crafts within the presentation of my communication. Hand cut and bound, the saddle sewn booklets are printed on a off-white matte stock that is tactile, inviting to the touch and delicately reveals the imperfections of a hands on craft.

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