Jessica Hwang Identity System

  • Context: Jessica Hwang is a Brooklyn based artist balancing her creative talents between fine art illustrations, murals, and paintings, and fashion design, styling, makeup, and hairdressing. She is currently working as a professional hair stylist in addition to assisting on fashion photo shoots. 
    Challenge: To create a dual personal branding system balancing and separating the fine arts and editorial fashion world. 
    Concept: Initially the approach was to create a single look, but as design progressed I realized with such drastic differences in professional worlds, two separate identities would be a more appropriate decision that both worked within one unified system. 
    Solution: As a conceptual result, I wanted the two directions to be individual in style but still work within one large system which is why the supplementary logo changes for each direction, but the primary logo remains consistent to encapsulate her main career as a hairstylist. The fine arts direction utilized a more hand-produced technique, hence the letterpressing, debossing, and craft paper elements included in the stationary to implicate the hand-rendered style she uses in her illustrations. The fashion direction used a silk finish on the cards with abstracted lettering elements and stuck to a more achromatic color palette to reiterate the luxury and crispness that is the fashion world.
    Client: Jessica Hwang