Champneys Health Spa | Pamper Packs

  • The Brief:
    Create a campaign to introduce Champneys Health Spa and Products to a younger audience, that being 16-35. 
    The Concept:
    3 Pamper Packs, designed to be used alone, or with friends on an evening to achieve an at home experience. The relaxing, evening experience is relative to the monochrome colourscheme, whilst the floral illustration reflects the botanical scents of the Champneys products. 
    Each of the Pamper Packs are themed and contain either Skincare, Body or Beauty products, the main 3 Champneys products sold online and in beauty stores. As well as promoting the brand to a younger audience, a 50% off treatment voucher is included in each pack, encouraging friends and family to buy Pamper Packs for the vouchers. This will benefit both the customer and the brand. 
  • Above: Promotional Material
    Below: Illustrative, monochrome and feminine products and packaging are shown. They have been 'finished' with a hint of magenta for extra visual impact, and a high end, luxury finish whilst still appealing at a younger target audience.
    Overall product range and packaging shown above - 

    Botanical Body Butter, Botanical Face Wash, Facial Toner, Everyday Moisturiser, Make-Up Remover, Revatilising Exfoliator, Botanical Face Mask, Lip Balm and Lip Scrub. Ingredients list and Champneys voucher also included.
  • Below:
    Online web presence shown through the Champneys website. The website would be fully responsive still allowing use on tablets and smartphones, as shown below. 

    An advertisment has been placed on the mid-left of the website below, directing visitors to more information, whilst under the 'Spa Products' tab at the top of the website, the products are also advertised at the bottom the drop down tab, gaining a further reach to their target audience.

  • Proposed Stationary (Below) - Would be used for promotional purposes and events.
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