Two Prophets - Mexican Moonshine

    Excerpt taken from the Dieline/
    The concept for Two Prophets Day of the Dead-inspired moonshine is living proof that efficiency doesn’t have to sacrifice artistry. Aaron-Harper Lee’s goal was to create packaging that would successfully protect multiple types of breakable items, while retaining an intriguing and stunning construction. The result is a parcel that is a mini house of mirrors, containing two types of moonshine and a pair of shot glasses.
    “The concept was a hybrid of polar worlds where the dead meet the living. A homage to the Mexican holiday Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), was merged with the American tradition of Moonshine crafting. Two varieties of Mezcal Liquor - Añejo and Dorado - represent legendary twin warriors reincarnated as the sun and the moon. Presented together...this project demonstrates that it is possible to design sustainable packaging for multiple units of breakable goods with little material.”
    The fluorescent pinks and yellows are bold and exciting, suited perfectly for the target audience of thrill-seekers and curious types. The moonshine is topped off with a simple cork, though, reigning in the eclectic hues with a bit of age-old tradition.
    The Dieline