Turn off the light and get addicted

  • To encourage our colleagues to take greater responsibility for saving energy, I created this personal project named “Get Addicted”.
    As I worked overtime a lot, I found many colleagues didn’t have a good habit of turning off the lights when they are not in use . Most of the time, the last person/team to leave the office isunintentionally left as one to switch all lights off at the end of the working day. This causes a huge waste of energy and potential security issues. . So I initiated this project as an appeal for energy conservation in our workplace.
    It’s a simple poster yet it carries a powerful message about taking action to protect the environment. The 3 Chinese characters “关上瘾” suggest a smart combination of "Turn off "(关上) and "Get addicted"(上瘾).
    10 posters, with a unique QR code on each of them, have been displayed in different areas of the office. By scanning the QR code, people can receive a picture that exactly shows the view from where they stand. However, the picture shows an empty midnight-office with all lamps powered on. 
    For example, after scanning the QR code on the left, you will see a photo I snapped at midnight of the account team's area.
    To match up with the poster, all switches in the office have been stickered with a bubble sheet.This is another reason why I use "get addicted" as the tagline.
  • And don’t worry... I used 3M non-trace sticker first and then double-sided tape. All bubble sheets can be removed easily.
  • 3D model
    Thanks for watching!