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  • Dust-Free / Støvfri
    Clean home, clean design
    Støvfri is a stationary dust cleaner. When you walk into a room the dust on the floor starts to circle around. This product will absorb dust that passes by. It reduces the dust level by 75%, and does the vacuuming for you. The size of Støvfri makes it possible to place it under the sofa or TV table, but if you want, you can place it in the open. The design is so clean and simple, allowing you to use it as an interior object in your living room or bedroom.

     Cleans the home for you, and keeps it clean.
    Small size; fits under the sofa or TV table.
    • Clean and timeless design.

    The logo symbolise:
     Norwegian name, meaning dust-free, or no more dust!
     Drags up the dust, as it drags up the dot of the i.
    The shape of the logo is the silhouette of the product.
    The horizontal line is representing a clean floor.
  • Stationary dust cleaner
    Støvfri is made out of stainless steel and real wood, making it a real quality product. The design is clean, and can be placed in any types of rooms, and with any types of floors. Støvfri runs automatically, and have sensors that adjust the speed of the fans according to how much dust it picks up. If you want to turn it off/on you can easily just tap your foot on the inner ring on top of Støvfri. The product has two fans built inside, that pulls dust from the floor, filters it, and then pushes out clean air. The filter has to be cleaned once a week, by removing the dust from the filter.

  • Packaging
    The packaging is simple, with no unnecessary information. You can slide open the packaging to get your hands on Støvfri, and take it in use at once. You can get Støvfri in three variations of wood, so you can match it with the floor you have.

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