Autonomi, Web Concept

  • Completed as a Thesis Project at Champlain College
    Selected for AIGA New Voices Unique Visions competition
    ADAA Semi-Finalist Selection
    Vermont Design Awards Best in Show

    — Mission

    A more comprehensive understanding of authority and its relationship to autonomy on small and large scales influences our ability to move forward as individuals and as a community ; taking steps away from power-over and moving towards power-to .  Autonomi works with the intent of creating awareness and dialogue around a comprehensive and broader perception of authority and personal freedom in hope of changing perceptions of power and how it affects our lives.

    The website focuses on creating connections. Creating context to frame new insights on authority. By providing a concise history of authority, and using a compilation of power events that creates a larger picture, the user can draw their own conclusions and insights. Drawing connections between authority past, present, and future clears way for an objective view  on how authority is asserted and organized.