TypeClinic 8th international type design workshop, 2014

    The results:
  • Aljaž Vesel, Emsley
    continuation of a corporate slab serif typefamily with an English flavor
  • Christin Bacher, Spoon
    a linear sans serif, with large apertures and high x-height
  • Clara Wildberger, Kigeling
    continuation of a light linear sans serif for acompaniing authors photographical work
  • Damian Langosz, Hazel
    continuation of a humanist serif with a calligraphic character
  • Dedi Cohen, Bray
    third try of a latin typeface created for acompaniing hebrew texts, where bilinguality is a necessity
  • Diana Ovezea, Untitled
    A bodytext oriented continuation of a previously display typeface. But the principal idea remained the same. Every character still pedantically maintain the look of folded strips of paper. Soon to be released!
  • Denis Lelić, Noway
    signange and corporate linear slab serif with additional pictograms
  • Katja Hasenohrl, Impala
    a humanised linear sans serif for accompanying authors illustration works
  • Kurt Glänzer, Rosa
    Serif bodytext for usage in books
  • Patrycja Zygoń, Zygoma
    A serif typeface constructed on the golden ratio proportions
  • Rachel Treliving, Kink
    A serif typeface for usage on rough uncoated paper
  • Samo Ačko, Bad News Sans Extreme
    A fat cut of his large newspaper family. Soon to be released!
  • Tomato Košir, Rastignac Bold
    bold continuation of his high contrast didone typefamily Rastignac
  • Verena Manyet, Pandora Contrast
    A sketch for her new addition of a display style to the Pandora typefamily
  • step 1: presentation of the initial ideas, comments, correctures, discussion, and forming of a final decision
  • step 2: vectorising, defining proportions & metrics
  • step 3: building a basic set of characters
  • step 4: individual lectures
  • nononononononono
  • step 5: designing secondary characters, diacritics etc...
  • step 6: repairing metrics and defining the kerning pairs
  • step 7: small text tests and additional correctures
  • step 8: designing the presentation posters (in Illustrator, grrrr...)
    Spirit of the workhop:
  • Soča river, one of five european cleanest rivers runs through Trenta, nearby our school
  • I Wonder Where That Fish Did Go? Oh fishy, fishy, fishy, fish...
  • Surfing SLO!
  • Torah! Torah! Torah!
  • TypeClinic's
    next international type design workshops
    will be organised 
    every winter and summer
    in Triglav's national park,
    Trenta, Slovenia

    Our workshops deal with bodytext and display typefaces for print and digital usage. Participants of all levels of expertise come from all over the world: Austria, Australia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Israel, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom ... ... to work for a week in Trenta Valley, Slovenia.
    The final products includes typefaces with 40 characters minimum.
    If you are interested into participating at our 9th workshop, please send an e-mail to
    Join us in Trenta!
  • A type family without a Normal