Botic Hotel

  • Preview

    This project was targeted towards utilizing a powerful user experience design approach to create an innovative, symbiotic relationship between tourists' needs and hotel services.

    Botic Hotel understands your needs

    Every time you started a business trip to a strange city or country, the first thing you care about when you arrive hotel is your dinner and the plan for next day. But you are new to this unfamiliar city, in a short time you can't get the information that where you can find the local food, can't find a place like local people, don't have any local friends, lonely, tired, boring. This time, Botic Hotel understands your need.

  • Strategy - Core Concept

  • Loyalty System

    Loyalty system is one of the core strategies for Botic Hotel. Guests can gain the points by ordering service in Botic hotel. As a reward, Botic Hotel provides kinds of items for guests in Points Store. You can get tickets of local events or various hotel items.The target is to improve the quality of your holiday life. Moreover, you will know more about the local culture.

  • Dining & Recommendation

    Suffering from finding restaurants after arriving hotel? Now you can order your meal in the room, also you may find local food nearby through our recommendations.

    Botic Hotel cares about every guest’ s  preference, your operation and preference will be recorded in our system, every time you use Botic Hotel, we will give you some recommendations about food, activities and so on.  

  • Trip Journal & Social Network Building

    Every details of your trip can be recorded in Trip Journal. Your travel route will be presented on the map. People also can share their journals to other travellers in the same city, so naturally all this will develop a social network, people share their life and experience with each other, they will also know more fun places around, just like they have local friends in a strange city.