Carmelo Anthony Genealogy Map

  • Carmelo Anthony Genealogy Map
  • To commemorate the launch of Carmelo Anthony's 10th shoe, Brand Jordan wanted a genealogy map that documented Melo's basketball journey from birth to stardom.

    Known as Captain Clutch in the NBA today, Melo scores critical shots during the final moments of a game to secure victory for his team. To highlight this, 12 emblems featuring 12 power words that described his clutch qualities were created (with many remixing existing artwork assets provided by Brand Jordan).

    Originally designed in Simplified Chinese for China, the print version of the genealogy map was also adapted into Traditional Chinese for Taiwan and English for Hong Kong. The maps are given away with every purchase of the M10 and limited edition M1.5 re-release.

    Brand Jordan adapted the maps in-house for retail display at Nike stores in Shanghai and Guangzhou. A massive launch event for the M10 was held in Harbin, with the projection video featuring all 12 emblems.

  • The map folds into a neat A5 size
  • Stickers
  • Left: Emblem with English and Mandarin power word(s)
    Right: Emblem with English power word
  • M9 and M10
  • Launch event at Harbin, China
  • Work done under LOVE. Shanghai.

    Creative Lead: Kendra Wan
    Designers: Benjamin Koh, Nicky Zhu
    Copywriting: Kendra Wan, Spring Shi, Benjamin Koh
    Account Manager: Richard Zhou
    Photography: Jackie Wan (Jackie Wan Studio)
    Video: AKQA Shanghai