Opera til Folket

  • Concept 
    We wanted to do a playful approach with the profile as a contrast to
    Den Norske Opera & Ballet  which by many is seen as a bit snobby. 
    Opera til Folket is opera for the people and not for the cultural elite.
  • Colors 
    The main colors, black and white, in the profile are borrowed from
    photocopied leaflets which were, and still is, used to promote
    underground concerts. We've also included a red color that's taken
    from the typical red velvet stage carpets.
  • Inspiration
  • Business cards
    To incorporate a bit of playfulness we made a small puzzle.
  • Posters & Adshells
    Posters that grab your attention by playing on the extremes of opera.
    These posters are for a weekly concept hosted by Opera for alle at Pigalle,
    but they could easily be translated to cover a specific opera.
  • Romance, comedy and murder —  all presented in a beer glass.
  • Details from the different posters.
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