2/3/4 Arts Center / Brochure Design

  • Oklahoma State University
    Fall 2013 / Graphic Design II

    2/3/4 Center for the Arts  / Mailable Brochure Design

    The 2/3/4 Center  for the Arts is a multi-dimensional cultural center that was conceived by OSU's Architecture seniors for their final project. The site of the center is located in San Francisco's up and coming Trans Bay urban area (on blocks 2, 3, and 4 off of Market St.) and exists to further the enrichment of the arts, education, and cultural well-being to the public.

    This brochure was designed to be an informative keepsake that would promote the Center's services and activity while informing the reader of its contemporary style. The design is an accordion fold that is secured by a hemp cord and a circle enclosure. The opening side introduces the Cultural Center and its mission/vision statement as well as its contact information and list of services. The back side includes the mailer and discusses the three sections of the institution:

    2/ The Performing Arts           3/ the Urban Park              4/ The Visual Arts
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