I'msometric // Monocrowmatic

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  • I'msometric // Monocrowmatic
    Having been selected as one of the 42 Emerging Creatives for South Africa's Design Indaba Expo,
    I've been working towards a lot of new graphics in the past two months. 
    Aside from a zine, stickers, and posters, I've illustrated these two graphics with the intent of being on
    t-shirts, it was only until later on that I decided to do a poster run of them as well. 

    The idea was to create two very different graphics, one to relate to the people who prefer the cartoony
    and colourful, and another for everyone who prefer the darker, more serious themed graphics. 

    Since I didn't have a set brief to work towards, the results were quite interesting...
  • "I'msometric"
  • (Above) The first graphic, entitled "I'msometric", is a semi-isometrical illustration of a quirky character consisting of a floating head, a scarf, shoes and a winter hat. 
  • "Monocrowmatic"
  • (Above) The second graphic, entitled "Monocrowmatic", is done using combinations of grey colours to
    suit the theme. I chose to do a crow with 4 eyes, standing in an open field, worked into an invisible frame. 
  • Keep scrolling to see t-shirts, poster mock-ups, close-ups, and the initial scamps for the designs.
  • I'msometric t-shirt Mock-Up
  • Monocrowmatic t-shirt Mock-Up
  • I'msometric Poster Mock-Up
  • Monocrowmatic Poster Mock-Up
  • Detail
  • Detail
  • Detail
  • Detail
  • The initial rough sketches.
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