Ethics and Issues

  • Ethics & Issues-------------------------

    The brief was to create a new identity for Reiss, a fashion brand first established in 1971. This unit gave me a chance to examine and question conventional ethics relating to design but also within fashion. It encouraged me to define my own personal ethical stance, which I have displayed within my work. All the work I produced I have been aware of the costing and implications of the materials I use, whilst also considering my consumer. My design of Reiss represents a sustainable, fashion friendly business, from 100% recycled paper, vegetable inks, environmental friendly clothing materials, right down to energy saving light bulbs.

    Reiss primary consumer profile:

    Name: Rufus Jenkins
    Age: 48
    Social standing: Upper class
    Ethical stance: Eco friendly, passionate
    Fashion: Causal handmade garments, durable and long lasting
    Location: Somerset
    Job: Craftsman exclusive for Liberty
    Salary: 50,000 (Can vary)
    Family: Only distance relatives
    Eats: Home cooked meals/pub food
    Drive: Jeep
    Holidays: Just explores England
    Interests: Craftsmanship, handmade objects, hiking, dogs
    Pets hate: Products that fall apart.

  •          Bag was screen printed with white ink, other colours available in brands colours: Green, Red, Blue and also Black.
  • Employee business card 
  • Store Card
  •  Clothing tag
  • Screen printed soft tissue paper
  • Identity Guidelines: Screen printed front and inside coloured sections. Hand sewn book with white thread